In order to be sustained in our walk with Christ, we need to be encouraged in Him on a daily basis, not just on Sundays. We believe that spiritual growth is each person’s own responsibility. One of the most important ways we own this responsibility is in the practice of journaling, which combines prayer, scripture reading, and listening in one powerful spiritual discipline. 

During our 50 Days of Prayer series we'll have a new journal entry every day. These are the same entries as the journal you received at Church. After you read the scripture and writing, take some time to listen to the Father's voice and write out what you feel like He is saying to you!

Here are some helpful tips to know when the Holy Spirit is speaking.

1. He is always ENCOURAGING. The Holy Spirit is called “the encourager” in the Bible because it is what He loves to do. Even when we are in our worst places in life, He doesn’t criticize us, but gently points us in the right direction. Sometimes one of the most helpful things to realize is that if you’re hearing something that is so good you know you would never normally think it to yourself, it’s probably Him. 

2. God is never CONDEMNING. If it is negative thoughts or reminders of your sinful behavior in an un-redemptive way, it's not the Lord.

3. Usually God talks to us about very PRACTICAL, simple things going on in our lives and our hearts, not super deep spiritual mysteries that are complex and hard to understand.

Journal Entries will begin on January 31st.