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Alpha is a space for honest and open conversations about life’s biggest questions. Everyone is welcome and no questions are off limits. Learn about the Christian faith and how to grow in it. Monday evenings, 6-8pm, in June and July. Dinner and Childcare provided.

Topic Schedule:

Monday, September 11th - Is there more to life than this?

Monday, September 18th - Who is Jesus?

Monday, September 25th - Why did Jesus die?

Monday, October 2nd - How can I have faith?

Monday, October 9th - Why and how do I pray?

Monday, October 16th - Why and how should I read the Bible?

Monday, October 23rd - How does God guide us?

Saturday, October 28th - Holy Spirit Day - Who is the Holy Spirit?

Monday, October 30th - How can I resist evil?

Monday, November 6th - Why and how should I tell others?

Monday, November 13th - What about the Church?

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and join them at our upcoming Alpha course. We have a lot of space, so we would love to invite anyone who is struggling with questions about faith, or is new to faith to join us on Wednesday nights for Alpha!

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