Learn what the the V, I, N, & E in Vineyard stand for as we encourage people to go all in to reach their homes, their community, and their world.

Relive the Charlie Brown Christmas musical, Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve and more in this holiday mini-series.

Who is the Holy Spirit? How do I engage with Him on a daily basis? Why do I need to know Him? These and other questions are all discussed in our small groups. So supplement your learning about the Holy Spirit in our Fanning the Flame series from the weekends and join us in homes or catch up here if you miss a week (or two or three or four)!

Journey with us through the book of Acts as we uncover some of the mysteries of the Holy Spirit and learn to invite Him into our lives daily.

Take your stand and join us for this three week mini venture before school starts back up and we enter our next main series.

Philemon—one of the shortest books in the Bible—holds the story of a runaway slave, his master, and reconciliation through Christ. Join us as we study the parallels between this book and the very persons of God!

Study the book of Colossians with us as we learn what it means to mature in Christ and grow up in faith on our spiritual journey.

Journey through each of the Beatitudes in correlation with our Art of Positioning Series to discover how we can use these eight traits to best position ourselves for the good of God's kingdom.

Celebrate what Christ has done for you this Easter season. Pastor Jamie Stilson shows us what it is like to have the Father's heart during this two-part mini series.

Learn how to position yourself strategically to be open and ready for the things God is calling you to, from personal growth to serving in ministry to blessings that can benefit others.

In this series, we explore how the kingdom of God affects our lives both in the now and in the not yet. In other words, His kingdom is here but it is also still coming to its complete fullness. Watch this mini series to learn more!