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Our Staff

Jamie and Kim Stilson

Senior Pastors

Jamie and Kim have been in the ministry for 40 years. They spent their first 17 years in ministry leading a church on Sanibel Island, but planted the Cape Vineyard out of that church in the mid 1990′s and have been the Lead Pastors ever since.

Jamie and Kimberly have three daughters and 12 grandchildren. When they’re not setting the course for the Cape Vineyard, you’ll probably find them in North Georgia sitting by a waterfall.

Jamie has also written a book titled The Power of Ugly. You can learn more about it here.

Jasen Williams

Executive Pastor

Jaime Boye

Children's Ministry Director

Charles Minton

Family Pastor

Cari Williams

Event Coordinator and Bookkeeper

Kelly D'Auria

Worship Leader

Debra Bellio

Dinner Church Coordinator

Richee Boye

Kitchen Manager

Mary Lajoie

Student Ministry Assistant

Chris Chanhvandam

Worship Assistant

Zak Lajoie

Media Coordinator

Values and Beliefs

We ring the bell. Almost every week at our weekend services, we have an opportunity for people to stand and confess Jesus as their Lord for the first time. Because of this focus on people who are not yet Christians, we are passionate about doing everything we can to create a welcoming environment for everyone, regardless of where they’re at in their faith journey.

We celebrate diversity—ethnically, generationally, and between women and men. We love being a big family of many languages, cultures, and generations that God delights in. 

We are an “ugly” church. By ugly we mean human, flawed, and imperfect. At the Vineyard we say, “No perfect people allowed.” We intentionally create a non-religious environment in order to invite people in to experience the beautiful truth that God loves messed up people, just like us.

We like to have fun. We believe that where there is joy, Jesus is near. As we learn not to take ourselves too seriously and to celebrate all that God is and does, we laugh a lot!

We are a people of His presence and we welcome the interaction of God in our lives and in our services. We don't want to just go through the religious motions; we want to experience the living God in all we do.


A church where we can experience the hope that God loves messed up people, just like us.



923 SE 47th Terrace

Cape Coral, FL, 33904


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