Creating room for God to move in the lives of our students. Come join us on Wednesday nights at 6!


The discipleship model hinges on the involvement of dedicated team members, each of which longs to invest in and connect with the students. Group leaders spend time with students every Sunday building intentional relationships, and they connect with them during the week. Charles Minton oversees the leader teams and will be happy to answer any questions from parents and students. You can reach him at



There’s no better place to be on a Wednesday night than              . 6th-8th and 9th-12th graders come together to embrace and discover the radical love of God. As they learn about life and approach adulthood, these students are provided with the tools they need to dig deeper into God’s word, to understand who He is, and to move towards His calling. We encourage true friendship, have crazy fun, and of course, provide delicious food and drinks!

Wednesday 6-8  –                



The Vineyard loves to raise up young musicians and train them to become expert worshipers, singers, instrumentalists, and teammates. If you are a new or learning student musician and would like to learn how to better your abilities in the area of worship and music, find Pastor Charles in service or send him an email at!

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