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Ugly is a celebration of the beauty of God’s grace reflected through our weaknesses, not our strengths. Understanding it will liberate you from a false spirituality which pretends being spiritual means that you stop being a real, flawed human being. You will learn to take off your religious masks and stand naked before God. You might even find that discovering The Power of Ugly will cost you your pride.

“The Power of Ugly combines a humor that will have you rolling on the floor and a theology that is serious and engaging. I highly recommend it, but only for the non-religious.”
     -Berton Waggoner, Former National Director, Vineyard USA


“The Power of Ugly cuts close to the bone…The strength and passion of Jamie’s message is a sledge-hammer that breaks through a musty, stifling cellar of lies we’ve all believed and lets in God’s fresh air.”
     -Costa Mitchell, National Director, Vineyard Churches
South Africa

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About Jamie:

I have spent my entire adult life helping people discover as well as grow in their faith. My own journey began with a drug arrest in the 1970s, and I’ve never forgotten my roots. In The Power of Ugly, I use the humiliating (and hilarious) failures and challenges of my life—all of which I share with my beautiful wife of thirty-eight years, our three daughters, and our twelve grandchildren—to minister to others.

I graduated from Luther Rice Seminary in 1978, and began to pastor my first church on Sanibel Island in Florida, where I worked for seventeen years. My wife, Kim, and I are the founding pastors of the Cape Vineyard, which we started twenty-one years ago. Our church is the testing ground for the principles shared in Ugly. I’ve always lived out The Power of Ugly in the context of this Christian community.

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