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Dinner Church


Free dinner and groceries! Every week we provide meals and groceries to anyone in need within our community. Find more information at Doors open at 4:30pm, Dinner is served at 5:30pm, Church service begins at 6:00pm, and groceries are available at 6:30pm

Giving Trees


Every Christmas we offer the opportunity to sponsor a single parent, or foster child this Christmas season. If you are interested, please visit the trees in the back of the main hall. You can give online at

Family Day in the Park


You're invited to the Cape Vineyard Family Day in the Park! Join us for games, hot dogs, cocoa, kite flying, and much more! Meet us at the Food Truck at Jaycee Park!

Baptism Sunday


After we've made our stand to say “yes” to Jesus as Lord, baptism is the next step. It’s a public celebration and proclamation of the change that has happened in our lives and is part of our journey to become more like Jesus.
Sign up at

Christmas Eve Services


Join us as we celebrate Christmas Eve with special Candlelight services at 5, 7 or 11pm

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